Sesderma C-VIT Antiox Booster System Serum 40002444 (Copy)

Sesderma C-VIT Antiox Booster System Serum 40002444 (Copy)

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Reduce skin photaging

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What can Sesderma C-VIT Antiox Booster be used for?

Ideal as a shock treatment, reducing skin photoaging, it contains depigmenting actives, such as vitamin C in high concentration.

Suitable for all skin, even with acne and rosacea. Suitable for treatment with stretch marks and scars.

Recommendations for use:

– Apply twice daily, morning and evening.

– Press until you connect the two chambers, so that the whole product is homogenized, then stir the product.

– Maintained with maximum efficiency, for 10 days.

Very effective product, just use regularly if you want consistent results, I used mine every fortnight then applied lotion twice a day to affected area and exfoliated that area before bathing.

Used this a couple of times on my body and could see the results. Recommend.

Really enjoying using, do it at night, then rub on my Sesderma C-VIT Antiox Booster

We recommend that you organize 4 or 5 weekly sessions followed by a “maintenance” session every 2 to 3 months, depending on your needs. You can resume your usual routine at the end of the treatment. The redness disappears in just a few hours.
The results are immediate and you will see an improvement in the first session. This is a treatment.
In the short term, your skin will appear smoother, brighter and firmer. In the longer term, rides and fine lines are reduced and your skin tightens.

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3 reviews for Sesderma C-VIT Antiox Booster System Serum 40002444 (Copy)


    Used this a couple of times on my body and could see the results. Recommend.

  2. JONES

    Sharms did a great product again.

  3. MILLS

    I liked that her instructions were very clear.

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