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A package of Restylane 1ml with Lidocaine comes with one 1ml prefilled syringe. The package also comes with two 27G needles.

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RESTYLANE® 1 ML with Lidocaine is a clear, sterile, and viscoelastic gel that fights signs of facial aging with a low chance of causing pain. Using Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid (NASHA), this product adds volume into the mid-to-deep dermis to correct moderate to severe wrinkles, such as nasolabial folds and marionette lines. Additionally, this filler can act as an implant for lip enhancement. This FDA-approved gel is suitable for patients over 21 years of age who wish to maintain their youthful glow and radiance. As the first product to use a synthetic, biocompatible hyaluronic acid, Restylane is highly efficacious, as evaluators in one study deemed that 95% of patients treated with it displayed dermal improvements 18 months after an initial injection of the product.



Hyaluronic acid, a sugar molecule, is the prime component in this filler that supports the skin’s vitality. This component attracts and binds to water molecules to provide the skin with ample hydration and volume. Furthermore, this acid boosts collagen and elastin synthesis to create a firmer dermal complexion. Unfortunately, the natural concentration of this acid in the body depletes with the onset of aging.

Restylane’s solution to this is to introduce stabilized and synthetic hyaluronic acid in the skin to fill the volume of marked imperfections and create a radiant glow. Made from Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid (NASHA) sourced from Streptococcus bacteria, Restylane’s hyaluronic acid is also cross-linked through the use of BDDE, which means Restylane’s gel network lasts longer and has a slower degradation rate inside the skin than non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid. With minimal modifications and the thorough elimination of impurities, Restylane is biocompatible and does not provoke any severe adverse reactions.

Lastly, lidocaine reduces the pain and burning sensation of the injection process for patients.



Before proceeding with the treatment, educate the patient on the expected results, indications, precautions, and potential side effects of this filler while identifying the condition of their skin. Clean the area with an antiseptic solution.

Prepare the syringe and the needle by inserting the needle to the Luer lock system of the syringe. Before the injection, remove all air in the needle by slowly pushing the plunger rod until a small droplet appears at the tip of the needle.

Advance the needle into the site of treatment, making sure to avoid any blood vessels. Inject this filler into the mid-to-deep dermis layer of the skin to correct wrinkles and folds. For lip correction, apply the filler into the submucosal layer. To ensure full and specific coverage, use the serial puncture, linear threading, or cross-hatching technique for lip augmentation accordingly. Just before removing the needle, stop the injection to avoid any leakage. In a study on Restylane, the median total dose for treating midface wrinkles was 3.0–6.0ml and 1.5ml per lip. Avoid overcorrection.

Massage the treated area(s) to ensure even distribution of the filler. Dispose of all needles and syringes using the appropriate biohazard disposal methods.

When Can I Use RESTYLANE® 1 ML?

This dermal filler is suitable for patients who wish to reduce moderate to severe facial wrinkles or want to define their lips.

What Area Does Restylane 1ml with Lidocaine Treat?

This product treats moderate to severe wrinkles on the face, such as the nasolabial folds, oral commissures, lines around the mouth, and marionette lines. It can also be used to treat the lips for lip augmentation.

How Long Does Restylane 1ml with Lidocaine Last?

In one clinical study, this filler delivered significant improvements for 18 months after the initial injection. However, this study also provided retreatment at four and a half and/or nine months to participants.

The filler must be used prior to the expiration date printed on its packaging and should be stored at a temperature of up to 25°C.

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

Treatment with this product is quick and efficient and, on average, only takes about 30 minutes. With minimal to no downtime, the results of this filler are immediate and natural looking. Apply an ice pack or ice water compress onto the treated area(s) to reduce the severity of swelling or bruising.

Remind patients to minimize exposure to UV rays and extreme cold weather after the initial treatment until any initial swelling and redness is resolved. They should also avoid excessive exposure to the Sun.


Where Can I Order RESTYLANE® 1 ML for My Medical Spa?

To purchase genuine Restylane 1ml with Lidocaine, simply purchase it from You can also phone one of our friendly customer service associates to proceed with your order. Medical Spa RX carries genuine Restylane cosmetics and medical products.

Why Should I Order Restylane 1ml with Lidocaine?

Dermatologists, medical estheticians, and licensed medical practitioners should use this premier dermal filler to achieve optimal results in lip augmentation or in reducing visible aging signs like moderate to severe facial wrinkles.

Who Should Use Restylane 1ml with Lidocaine?

Patients who are exhibiting moderate to severe facial wrinkles and lines or wish to have their lips redefined should be treated with Restylane 1ml with Lidocaine.

What Are the Side Effects That Restylane 1ml with Lidocaine Cause?

Mild side effects may occur with the use of this product, and these effects can include swelling, pain, headache, tenderness, bruising, and itching at the injection site(s). These effects should resolve in less than seven days for wrinkles reduction and in less than 14 days for augmentation of the lips. Serious but rare effects include infection, recurrence of herpetic eruptions, superficial necrosis, and granulomas. Unintentional injection of this filler into a blood vessel can cause vision abnormalities, stroke, or temporary to permanent scarring of the skin.



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