Rejuran i (1x1ml)

Rejuran i (1x1ml)

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Rejuran i (1x1ml) i is the newest, most comprehensive healer for dark eye circles and eye bags with FDA approval.

As we age, Muscles Around The Eyes Weaken and the skin around becomes loose. Fat pads and skin around the eyes start drooping as the muscle and skin holding them up weakens and these accumulate to form eye bags.

As we age the junction between lower eyelids and cheeks (the Lid-cheek junction) becomes hollow and deepens, causing a tired, unhealthy and ageing appearance. This hollow area, also known as the “tear trough” often appears darker than the surrounding skin. For some unlucky individuals, the hollowing of tear troughs and appearance of dark circles can happen in a younger age. This can be made worse with lack of exercise, stress, prolonged illness, substance abuse, poor sleep patterns and loss of volume under the eyes which creates a shadow.

Rejuran i (1x1ml) is the newest, most comprehensive Filler for dark eye circles and eye bags. This new products are biomaterial extracted from cell reproduction of salmon and composite of polynucleotide (PN). It can be safely performed under eyes without downtime.

Polynucleotide is the main active ingredient and a molecule made out of salmon DNA which is found to have the best biocompatibility to human skin and is heat resistant. Upon injection, polynecleotide normalizes the skin condition while improving skin elasticity and recovering damaged skin.

Rejuran i (1x1ml) promotes tissue restoration, reconstruction and improvement of physical appearance. Optimized for crow’s feet and thinned skin. It great improve the elasticty of the skin and effectively remove fine lines under the eyes, greatly lift up saggy eyebags, minimse pores, provide youthful skin texture and improve blood circulation under the eyes thus gives you a brighter & energetic eyes!

Rejuran i (1x1ml) is also used to fill up the lost volume under the eyes to give a very much more rejuvenated look.

Rejuran i is painlessly injected after the area is thoroughly anaesthetised with local anaesthetic cream. This replenishes the lost soft tissue volume in the area, resulting in a fuller, more contoured look. And at the same time Rejuran i helps to regenerate your skin tissue and stimulate more collagan on the injected areas thus creates a FIRMER and BRIGHTER eyes! Results are seen instantly gives a younger and more fresh appearance. And the result last for several years!

Since the age-related changes around the eyes dramatically affects the way others perceive us, it’s understandable that so many people are seeking out ways to improve their appearance in this area. What’s scary is that these people often end up choosing the wrong filler.


– Rejuran-i has low viscosity and high spreadability, so it can be used on a thin skin like around eyes area.

– Greatly reduces the signs of aging around the delicate eye area by delivering firmer, brighter-looking eyes!

– Greatly improve the blood circulation under the eyes and get rid of dark under eye circles!

– Hydrates, visibly firms, reducing the appearance of fine lines for a more youthful look.

– New filler uniquely designed for under eye area with FDA approval

– Immediate dramatic results

– Come with a 33G nano painless needle, safe and pain-free

– Long lasting results

– Dark eye circles
– Saggy and droppy skin under eyes
– Fine lines and wrinkles
– Large pores & dehydrated skin
– Tear trough hollow and tired looking eyes

2 reviews for Rejuran i (1x1ml)

  1. TERRY

    your site has a very good beauty product and at a good price.

  2. LEWIS

    Excellent product – Good Communication – Completed Project

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