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A package of Juvederm Ultra 2 comes with two prefilled syringes that contain 0.55ml of this solution, and two 30G needles.

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JUVEDERM® ULTRA 2 is an advanced, sterile, and cohesive hyaluronic acid dermal filler that comes premixed with a local anesthetic for an optimal injection experience for patients. Processed via Hylacross Technology, the highly cross-linked formulation of this product can correct moderate dermal defects and depressions on the skin and fine lines around the corner of the eyes and lips. The smooth and thin consistency of the gel even makes it suitable to augment the lips for a fuller, plumper look. This dermal filler is guaranteed to lift the face for a younger, more natural-looking appearance for a duration as long as a year.


The ingredients of this soft tissue filler are 24mg/ml of hyaluronic acid gel, 0.3% lidocaine hydrochloride, and 1ml of phosphate buffer pH 7.2 q.s.


Allergan Inc’s patented Hylacross Technology is used to cross-link chains of hyaluronic acid together to form a gel with a smooth consistency and elasticity. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that attracts moisture to hydrate the cells and dermis. By adding a product with this biocompatible ingredient into the mid-dermis, the skin is hydrated and becomes suppler.

Thin lips can be effectively augmented via the injecting of this filler into the mucosa. Juvederm Ultra 2 increases the volume of lips and improves its radiance.

This gel is premixed with lidocaine, an anesthetic that numbs the skin so that the injection procedure necessary to administer Juvederm Ultra 2 is less painful and more comfortable for the patient.



This product should only be used by medical practitioners who have undertaken specific training in injecting dermal fillers. Before treatment, educate the patient on the treatment expectations with JUVEDERM® ULTRA 2 and inform them of the product’s indications, warnings, and potential side effects. Once this is complete and the patient consents to treatment, disinfect the area(s) of treatment. Secure the needle into the syringe by screwing gently in a counterclockwise motion. Once the needle is locked into place, inject the gel intradermally with minimal pressure. Inject into the mid-dermis or the lip mucosa, depending on the treatment being provided. Avoid overcorrecting. After the injection, massage the treated area(s) to ensure a thorough and smooth distribution of this product intradermally. Dispose of all used needles, syringe, and unused gel.


The filler specifically helps to smooth out moderate facial lines and skin depressions. You may also use it for lip augmentation.

This treatment should not be administered after laser treatment, deep chemical peeling, dermabrasion, or superficial chemical peeling.

What Area Does JUVEDERM® ULTRA 2 Treat?

This filler treats fine to moderate lines on the face, including parentheses lines, marionette lines, smile lines, and vertical lip lines. It can also be injected into the mucosa to enhance the lips.

How Long Does Juvederm Ultra 2 Last?

With its enhanced stability, Juvederm Ultra 2 resists any degradation caused by heat and the body’s metabolism. One injection session can provide long-lasting results of up to 12 months.

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

One injection session of this product takes about 20–30 minutes. Results are immediate. Patients should avoid alcohol, heavy exercise, heat and sun exposure after the injection.


Where Can I Order Juvederm Ultra 2 For My Medical Spa?

Save money by purchasing Juvederm Ultra 2 online from MedicalSpaRX.com. Alternatively, you can phone our helpful customer service representatives to place your order or answer any of your queries. When you order from Medical Spa RX, you can benefit from our convenient ordering process, wholesale prices, and quick delivery. Browse through our selection of Juvederm fillers and other innovative dermal fillers and cosmetic supplies today.

Why Should I Order Juvederm Ultra 2?

Dermatologists, physicians, and accredited medical estheticians use this filler to hydrate, fill, and improve the looks of their patients’ skin and/or lips for as long as a year.

The lips are especially vulnerable to the effects of aging due to their extensive movement. The formation of lines and wrinkles on and around the lips is a common consequence of aging. Juvederm Ultra 2 can combat such developments, so as to make one appear younger. In fact, its smooth consistency makes it easier to integrate with softer and fragile tissues, just like the lips.

Who Should Use Juvederm Ultra 2?

This treatment is ideal for patients who wish to remove moderate to severe lines and wrinkles on their face or for those who want to amplify the shape and contour of their lips. The long-lasting effects of the filler makes it a cost-effective treatment, as its long duration of action inherently necessitates a small number of treatment sessions over a significant amount of time.

What Are the Side Effects That JUVEDERM® ULTRA 2 Cause?

The filler may cause side effects such as transient erythema (redness), swelling, discoloration, pain, and tenderness. Rare side effects may include necrosis, induration, granuloma, and immediate or delayed hypersensitivity. These side effects usually subside within 24–48 hours, but this could be up to a week for lip injections. The aforementioned effects may not be the only possible side effects that can occur with the use of this filler.

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