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EUF Eco-Ultrafiltrates

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What are EUF Eco-Ultrafiltrates?
EUF Eco-Ultrafiltrates, If you are looking for a focused treatment for particular organs or conditions, we would highly recommend EUF.
We have expanded our product line to carry a range of stem cell extracts, because these organ and system-specific stem cell extracts have proven to be very effective. In particular, we feature EUF LPPSIM, which is a combination of liver, pancreas, Placenta, stomach, intestine and mucosa stem cell extracts. We feature this option over other EUF products because it has been getting very positive reviews and has proven to be very effective in fighting against diabetes and diabetic symptoms. We have customers who have been cured of diabetes and its symptoms after just one Therapeutic cycle of 20 vials.

Although we focus primarily on EUF Eco-Ultrafiltrates’s effect on diabetes and preventing diabetes, it also goes a long way in improving digestion and bettering nutritional absorption, which is often an overlooked aspect when taking supplements. You may take all of the vitamins and supplements you desire, but your body cannot maximize what it is receiving if your absorption pathways are not working at their optimal level.

EUF is a very special product because it can be taken orally (and may also be administered by injection, if so desired). In the past, these were available only as injections, but, due to advances in nanotechnology and stem-cell filtration technology, EUF is now small enough to be absorbed directly through the mucosa of the mouth.

During production, these EUF (or extracted cells) are passed through several stages of Ultra-Filtration, reaching the final stage of Nano-Filtration. The finished product contains molecule extracts of only 10,000 DA, suspended in 2.5ml of PBS solution with 10% active ingredients.

If you are looking for a focused treatment for particular organs or conditions, we would highly recommend EUF.

Eco-Ultrafiltrates (EUF) are cell extracts from fetal organs or tissues of low molecular weight as determined by the size of the micro pores in the ultrafilter. Eco-ultrafiltrates (EUF) of organs and tissues are obtained from fetal organs or tissues from closed colony of rabbits or other animals as per requirement of U.S. FDA (U.S Food and Drug Administration), WHO (World Health Organization) and AAALAC (Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International).

During the manufacturing, cells and other materials of high molecular weight are separated from the molecules of low molecular weight, using our advanced multiple ultra-filtration technology. The separation level is determined by the size of the micro filters. The ready-to-use Eco-ultrafilterates contain components up to a nominal molecular weight of 10 kDa.
This special rabbit lines (population) are stringently selected for laboratory use in biological R&D in Stem Cell Transplantation and Eco-Ultrafilterates production. Each line is genetically homogenous and both are under permanent veterinary control
M91 are bred for good manifestation of mother utility traits (e.g. conception rate, litter size, lactation, etc).

EUF Eco-Ultrafiltrates contain a number of organic and inorganic ingredients of molecular weight below 10 kDa. They show a characteristic distribution pattern of organic and inorganic components typical for individual organs and tissues.

M91 (material line, origin in 1991)
Country of origin : New Zealand
P91 is typical paternal line (for production breeding males) with good growth of live weight and feed conversation traits

P91 (paternal line, origin in 1991)
Country of origin : California, USA & Nitra, Slovakia, E. U.

Eco-Ultrafiltrates have a shelf-life of six years, if kept in a refrigerator at optimum temperature from +2°C to +10°C (not frozen) and fully protected from direct sunlight.

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