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The main benefits of this product is that it aids in breaking down the fat deposits and acts as an alternative to invasive treatments such as liposuction. Aqualyx is a ready to use product which has minimal side effects.

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The main benefits of this product is that it aids in breaking down the fat deposits and acts as an alternative to invasive treatments such as liposuction. Aqualyx is a ready to use product which has minimal side effects.


Aqualyx mainly is a deoxycholate compound solution. The product contains desoxycolan which is buffered by two groups of hydroxyl.


The ingredients present in the solution facilitate breaking down depositions of stubborn fats and thereby help people greatly in their weight loss journeys. The solution is particularly beneficial for those who have been trying to reduce weight through exercise and diet however; still have unrelenting fat areas. The ingredients are like bile enzymes made by the liver. These enzymes, present in the body, work to break down fats present in the digestive system prior to their elimination from the body. As Aqualyx is injected into an area of fat deposition, the fat cells walls are broken down by the enzyme.


How do I use or apply this product?

The protocol for its application involves deposition of the solution into localized fat areas. While dissipating the solution, an ultrasound device may be used for assistance. This solution is applied though Aquaplasty or Aqualysis treatments using the technique of intralipotherapy injection.

When should I use this product?

AQUALYX® should be used for treating patients having stubborn fat deposits and trying to lose their weight through diet and exercise. The product helps in eliminating the subcutaneous fatty tissues from the patient’s body which have been stored in their body for future energy requirements.

What areas can I treat with this product?
Aqualyx is meant for treatment of localized adiposity and is not meant for weight loss in general. It can aid in getting rid of stubborn fat pockets which remain even after losing weight through exercise and diet. Aqualyx can treat fat accumulated areas such as hips, stomach, thighs, knees, back areas, chest, and chin area.

How long does the product last?
The results of the treatment are permanent as long as the patient maintains a consistent weight.


Where can I order this product for my medical spa?

You can purchase Aqualyx from We offer discounts on cosmetic medical supplies, quality products, and have an international wholesale buying power. The Group Buy Savings Program lets you combine your orders with other small businesses to enjoy discounts even if you order one product at a time. For information related to the shipping policy, refer to

Why should I order this product?

If your clients are affected by stubborn deposits of fats and you are looking for the finest minimum invasive treatment for reducing their fat deposits, turn to Aqualyx. Aqualyx could aid them in having a slimmer and more contoured appearance. The product is available at Medical Spa Rx for the most affordable wholesale prices. Moreover, we offer free shipping on selected orders, delivered directly to your medical spa. For further information, visit:

Who would be interested in buying this treatment at my medical spa?

The ideal candidate can be someone who does not wants invasive liposuction for breaking down fat from the body. You can provide solution for such patients for getting rid of their stubborn fat deposits like abdomen fat and double chin.

What side effects can this product cause?

The reported side effects of AQUALYX® have been quite minimal. Commonly, the side effects of the product include skin irritation, edema, and bruising at the injection site. All these side effects generally ease within a few days subsequent to the treatment. For detailed information related to the side effects of the product, refer to the product’s leaflet.

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