Acid V-White Complex 9500

Acid V-White Complex 9500

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  • Acid V-White Complex 9500 Skin Antioxidants
    Acid V-White Complex 9500 Skin Antioxidants is new formula. Injection to be absorbed immediately. See results fast.


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  • Acid V-White Complex 9500 Skin Antioxidants
    Acid V-White Complex 9500 Antioxidants is new formula. Injection to be absorbed immediately. See results fast.
    Injection to be absorbed immediately. See results fast.
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  • Ingredient Acid V-White Complex 9500:
    – Glutathione + Plant Cells 500mg
  • – Pine Bark Extract 350 mg
  • – Vitamin C 1000 mg
  • – Tomato Extract 250 mg
  • – Collagen Extract 1000 mg
  • Packing: (5 ml x 6 amp) (10 ml x 6 amp)
  • Recommended Dosage :
  • – Can be injected iv or muscle.
  • – One injection per week for 3-6 consecutive months.
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